Gamma Bros Vol. II

by Gamma Bros

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    releases 31 July 2015

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Quantum Keys - I'm Not
pratley - Googly Eyes
Quantum Keys - Strong People
brightener - Filters
pratley - I'm Sorry
brightener - Remote


Gamma Bros Vol. II is a potpourri of songs written by three friends whose lives intersected seven years ago.

John Gudenzi and Will Sturgeon met each other in James Watson's freshman dorm room. Playing college parties together at the Crackhouse and La Fortaleza, recording in the same basements, releasing homemade demos and EPs, writing music together and in insolation, turmoil and reconciliation, until we found that life had taken us to separate places.

In 2013, we longed for the collaboration that distance no longer afforded us. John and Will came together for the inception of the Gamma Bros.

In 2015, with each of us prepping our developed solo releases, we wanted to do it with our Gamma Bros. These are songs that we will share separately in the near future, but we wanted to do it together first. It feels like James' freshman college dorm room.


releases 31 July 2015

Quantum Keys [Indian, I'm Not, Strong People]
Written and performed by John Gudenzi
Mixed by John Gudenzi and Will Sturgeon

Pratley [Culture Creatures, Googly Eyes, I'm Sorry]
Written by James Watson
Mixed by James Watson and Sam Wilkes

brightener [Going Nowhere, Filters, Remote]
Written and Performed by Will Sturgeon
Mixed by Will Sturgeon and Will Hollis

Gamma Bros Vol. II mastered by Carl Saff

Funds from this release will go towards the release of all of our upcoming albums:

Quantum Keys - Songs Out of Season
brightener - Hummingbird



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Gamma Bros Los Angeles, California

in 2008, james watson introduced john gudenzi and will sturgeon to each other in his dorm room in southern california with the window open. paths crossed and diverged over the next seven years, and here they cross once more, in our breezy virtual southern californian dorm room. ... more

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Track Name: brightener - Going Nowhere
Turn another page
Write myself into a sleep again
Words begin to fade
Blue turns into grey
I drift into my head

I get lost out there
In my own dreaming
Flowing overtones when I start thinking
Of you

going nowhere

Color back again
My mind flooded with old thoughts of you
You've been gone for years
You suddenly appear
So tell me where you've been

You were la la la
So much potential
But you've become a different person
Where's your answer
Cuz now you're

going nowhere